All Creatures Pricing and Services

Services Available within 100Km of Barrie, Ontario


All pets must have current records of immunizations:

  • Distemper
  • Rabies
  • Feline or Canine Parvovirus
  • Kennel Cough/Bordetella.
Service Price (Per Night)
House Sitting
(Plus transportation and applicable taxes)
Dog (1) $45
Additional in house $25
 (Plus transportation and applicable taxes)
Cat (1) $25
Additional in house $17
 (Plus transportation and applicable taxes)
Dog & Cat  $50
 (Plus transportation and applicable taxes)
Latch key dog walking/feed/water  $25/hour

12 Hour Dog & Cat in Your House Together

30 Minutes and up

  • $65 Dog
  • $15 per Cat
  • Day or Night

Feeding, water, walking, play, clean/change litter boxes.

Miscellaneous Property Care

  • All included with petsit

Check mail & newspapers on a daily basis. Checking/forwarding phone messages if requested. Put trash/recycling bins to curb & return. Ensure place looks occupied 24/7. Move vehicle, rotate drapes/lights.

Feline Care

  • $30 for first cat
  • $10 each additional cat

Twice daily checks. Feeding, water, clean/change litter box.

Latchkey / Well Pet Check Services

  • $30 per 60 min visit (plus taxes/transportation costs – to and from your location)

Pet check, play, walk and feed up to 3x daily or as required.

12 Hour Dog Sit Day/Night in Your Home

  • 30 Minutes and up
  • $65 for one dog
  • $25 per additional dog in house

Feeding, water, twice daily walking, play, security (Pooch familiar with surroundings – Therefore happy and stress free.)

House Sitting Service (No Pets, No Prob!)

  • 30 minutes and up
  • $45 per 24 hour day & night (plus taxes)

Includes mail retrieval, newspaper pickup, putting out trash/recycling, plant watering, and 24 hour security (light rotation, drapery movement etc). If additional duties are required, just ask!

(Plus transportation and applicable taxes)

**All Pet Sits are All Inclusive**

With no additional charge for House Sitting, Special Needs, or Extra Chores not included in the above service rates.